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11/3-4/12 Durango, CO Wild Turkey Fest Champions!

We made the 6 1/2 hour drive to Durango, CO for the Wild Turkey Fest, and came home with an undefeated Champion Title and a frozen turkey. It’s always fun to play new teams, and there was some challenging competition at this tournament. There were 6 teams attending the tournament. Aside from some ridiculous refs, it was a great tournament and all of the teams were very welcoming and friendly.

Our first game was against the Pueblo Little Ceasars. They had great sportsmanship and were a fun team to play. The skating pace was a little slow this game, but it gave us an opportunity to work our systems and make some great passes and plays. We won.

Our second game was against the Hellcats. This game had a much faster pace and a lot more physical. They had some systems we were unfamiliar with which took some adjusting to counter. Luckily, Suzy is the best goalie in the world and we came out with the win.

Our third game was against the Durango Fury. They were a lot like the Pueblo team, great sportsmanship and so much fun to play. We had a lot of scoring opportunities we were able to take advantage of and we achieved the win again.

Our fourth game, and second day, we played the Pueblo team again. It was very similar to the first game, and we won. It was a good warm up for the Championship game.

Our fifth and last game of the tournament, we were hoping to play the Durango Betties, but they had lost to the Hellcats in overtime the night before, so we ended up playing the Hellcats again. An older and more experienced team, we worked hard and it was a back and forth game. The refs had been calling the game pretty one-sided, and were letting a lot of hits and dirty plays go uncalled. They were even contradicting each other on some rules. Stan tried to clarify which rules were correct, and the refs didn’t like it and threw him off the bench. In the last minute of the game we were down by one and the clock was on run-time. Emily was able to sink a beauty and keep us in the game. We battled through overtime with no goals, bringing it to a shoot-out. What better way for a championship game to end? As stated before, Suzy is the greatest goalie in the world, and we were confident she would stop any challenger. We opted for last shot, and Suzy stopped all 3 of the Hellcats. After two shots we also were scoreless. Jonica and Katie had food poisoning the night before, so Jodi wasn’t sure if Jonica would be alright to shoot, but Suzy called for her from the ice so Jonica stepped on the ice for the last shot. She had a slow approach to the net, but her shot was fast, throwing off the goalie and winning the championship! Deja Vu anyone? How about Boise a year ago vs the Diamonds?

After the game as we attempted to take a group photo the Zamboni driver tried to run us over. Then we wanted to take a picture with Stan, but some ref from the day before had told him he had to leave the entire facility, not just the bench. When Stan refused to leave, because he was only told to leave the bench and was in an entirely different room so as not to influence the game, the idiot ref called the cops and then Stan had to wait outside to hear the outcome of the game and for photos. We got our photos, and no matter how much the refs didn’t like us or Stan we won the championship.

Great job Blades!

10/20/12 Blades vs. Black Diamonds

We had a pretty great game, working a lot of the systems we have been practicing, and it paid off, earning us a 3-1 win.

Nicole scored a great goal faking out the goalie with a deke; assisted by Katie and Krista. Monica scored off a strong rebound from a shot by Emily.  Jodi scored during a power play.

Penalties were served by Dayna, 2 minutes for tripping and 2 minutes for roughing; and by Ellen for tripping.

10/6/12 Blades vs. Wings

We beat the Wings 5-3. They had a short bench and we appreciate them coming for the game anyway. Jodi had a hat trick!

9/30/12 Blades vs. Vixens

Our first game of the season, and we came out with a 3-0 win! We have been working hard at practice, and it really showed. We had strong skating, and were able to see what areas we need to work on. Our new players did a great job, and we are so excited to have them with us!

We had three penalties, and the Vixens had none. Our penalties were: too many men, served by Megan Westbrook; slashing by Krista Hanby; and tripping by Suzy Jessen, goalie, served by Melanie Yakemovic.

We had 28 shots on goal and the Vixens had 13. Our goals were scored by: Allie Bennett on a rebound, assisted by Jonica Rich and Cori Murphy; Cori Murphy scored off a backhand about 15 feet away; and Mindy Bott scored on a rebound, assisted by Jodi Moore.

The Vixens were a great team to play, and as always, win or lose, they were fun and had great sportsmanship. We are so excited for this season!


Hockey season is upon us! There is lots of exciting stuff coming up so make sure to read this carefully. I also need people to start filling out registration forms so I can get an accurate count on players.

Go to THIS LINK and register for the 2012/2013 season (wow this will be the 14th Blades season, and my 12th season with them minus a few pregnancies here and there). Please do your USA Hockey registration before you fill out the registration form so that I have all the numbers in one place. Do this ASAP so I can start to get an accurate count on who is playing this year. If you can’t register yet, please shoot me an email and let me know you are planning to play and that your registration will be coming soon.

Girls/Women’s Try It Free Clinic
On Saturday, September 8th in the afternoon (2-4-ish) we will be hosting a try-it-free clinic for girls and women at no cost to us, yay! We need some volunteers to help run the clinic, and also to bring some extra gear (or your gear) for the beginners to borrow as they try things out. (My gear has not been worn since I washed it so no worries if people borrow mine, lol). If you have been talking with anyone about joining the Blades, this will be a perfect opportunity for them to come check it out. I’ll be working on a little flyer that we can post around, and/or email to friends. This will be a great way to build up our C team and get new people trying out the game!

First Practice
Our first formal BLADES practice will be held September 13th at 8:30 pm (Thursday night). We will have a short info session after practice to go over details of the season. This will be a good practice for both new and old to get back on the ice before training camp starts, give some time to get gear figured out for new players, etc.

If you have played with us in the past, you know that for a few years now we’ve tried to do a formal training camp for the first two weeks of the season. Our tentative training camp schedules is as follows, I will be getting specific times for these days soon. We will be holding chalk talk before or after each session to go over all of our team systems again.
Monday, September 17 – time TBD
Thursday, September 20th – 8:30 pm
Saturday, September 22nd – time TBD
Monday, September 24th – time TBD
Thursday, September 27th – 8:30 pm
Saturday, September 29th – time TBD

October 4th will be the next regular practice after training camp and they will go to a weekly schedule from then on and games will start in October also.

Monica will be spear-heading chuck-a-puck this year, so please let her know if you are able to help. This program really helps the team’s finances and it’s great if we can have everyone help out at least a few times. Jana is heading up getting prizes donated but she can always use help on getting sponsors. Please see the attached flyer to use if you are going to help out with this. Anything is great and it’s actually a good opportunity for businesses to get exposure at BYU games.

Fall Semester Fees
Our fees are typically $200 for the first semester. Please plan on around that much (if we get more or less players than expected I will adjust it up or down). We will need the fees by the end of the 1st week of training camp so you have about a month to save up! New players will also need to pay $50 for jerseys which we will order when we get a count on how many new players we have. Tournaments are an additional cost as well. It is usually $50 per tournament plus your own travel expenses. We usually do either Eagle, CO or Boise, ID around the last weekend in October or 1st weekend in November so plan ahead for that expense now!

If you helped with the Stadium of Fire fundraiser I still do not know the exact numbers on what we earned. I think it will be around $40-$50 per player though. Not great, but every little bit helps. I decided to let all of the funds go to individuals rather than the team since we did not earn as much as we thought we would. Me and a few others have offered to give our individual share to the team to help pay the deficit from last year. If you want to do that too, let me know.

If you have any questions about the upcoming season, please ask!

2012 Ice Breaker Tournament C Champions

Our C team participated in the Ogden Tournament last weekend. We had a tournament total of  22 goals in 4 games! Matz had 2 shut-outs in net, including one in the championship game vs. the Black Diamonds. Some first-time scorers were Karen and Krista. Cori earned a hat-trick. We all played great, and worked hard as a team. It was a great end to the season!

3/3/12 Blades vs. Black Diamonds

We played a tough game against the Diamonds, earning a 4-2 win. Goals were scored by Bree, Emily, Jodi, and Jonica. An interesting twist occurred near the end of the game when a Diamond crashed Suzy  and the ref threw Suzy out of the game. Suzy was our only goalie, so we are not sure if that is even a legal call. Anyway, Jonica grabbed Suzy’s glove, stick, and blocker and stepped in to cover the goal. The team did such a great job that even though the puck remained in our zone for that duration of time, the puck never reached the goal. Great job on the win ladies!

12/9-12/11 Goal Digger, Double Bronze

The Provo Blades participated in the 2011 Goal Digger tournament with a B and C team. We won bronze medals in both divisions. Jodi, you are consistently a medaling coach! Good job, Blades, you worked hard.

12/3/11 Blades vs. Lady Grizzlies

That was a fun game!

The Lady Grizz are young and fast and have been playing for longer than most of our girls. It was a first game ever for some of our girls, and they did a great job and we are proud of them.

We lost the first period, tied the second, and won the third. Unfortunately, they won 2-1. We are eager to play them again and we will be better ready for what to expect and won’t have to spend the whole  first period adjusting our game. Those Grizz girls play a fast-paced game and have great skating and shooting skills.

We scored our goal in the third period. Dayna Koch won a face-off to Allie Bennett in the offensive zone. Under pressure Allie passed the puck back to Dayna who shot on net and put it in. Good job with the team-work ladies!